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"I Love My Dog"

A Clinic for Dogs to provide items for homeless as well as low-income families.  Each homeless person has a unique story.  They are people who May: have lost their homes, jobs, or families.  They may also be: disabled, elderly, abused spouses and children, teens, drug dependent, or be U.S. Veterans.

  • The 2019 annual estimated number of homeless people in Orange County was 6,860 persons. (2019 Orange County P.I.T)

  • As much as 24% of the homeless population has an animal companion. (National Coalition for the Homeless)

  • Family homelessness is the fastest segment of the homeless population nationwide. In Orange County, 32% of homeless adults reported having children under the age of 18. (2019 Orange County P.I.T.)

  • One in five Orange County households makes less than $25,000 annually. (US Census)

Dogs provide deep comfort, are non-judgmental, and loyal. They provide warmth and security.  The homeless get a type of normalcy by providing food and water for their Dogs.  A number of homeless individuals sacrifice their own food for their Dogs.  "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole" -RC.  They provide comfort, unconditional love, and dignity.  There is also the protection factor: living on the streets is dangerous especially for women and the disabled.  For many on the streets, Dogs provide them with security from those that discriminate against the homeless with beatings or from others who may steal their possessions.

Sadly, in many communities Police & Animals Right Activists continue to seize pets from the Homeless simply because of a lack of a License and/or Vaccinations, never to be returned to the Owner.  Medically, the chronically homeless are not able to provide vaccinations, spray, or neutering because of cost and fear of separation.



"Why is it not better to share a life with a homeless person,

or veteran receiving love and respect rather than be

subjected to death in a kill shelter?" 




  New Community Health Protection Program:

Determined to help, W.S.W. Foundation 501(c)(3) has launched the development of: “I Love My Dog “ –  A Health Clinic for Dogs, which utilizes mobile clinics set up at designated centers.  The Foundation is partnering with a volunteer Veterinarian, (Dr. Matthew Brady ~ Veterinary House calls) within the community to assist in the operation. Additional products distributed are: collars, leashes, harnesses, ID Tags, food bowls, and medicines.  We are currently raising the funds for the Vaccinations Clinics to serve low income and homeless pets.

A Health Clinic for Dogs to provide vaccinations, and Dog items for homeless as well as low-income families.  (This project aims to aid in preventing canine diseases, infections, and to protect the community.)


      You can make a monetary donation for this project - click the link  



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" I Love My Dog" kit to help the community with dogs who are in need of items - all made in America products.

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