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Volunteer(s)  &  Intern(s):

A Volunteer with the W.S.W. Foundation is a person who volunteers or interns to perform a service or task without financial compensation or gain.   A person who donates their time or efforts for a cause without being paid.    A person who participates for the benefit of the community or cause involving a project or activity, and will also receive written verification for the hours and efforts which they have donated.   Take pride in your efforts; knowing that those who are less fortunate then you deeply appreciate your assistance kindness!

  • Community Service & Educational Credit:


    • School Clubs – (Individual or Groups)

    • School/College Credit – (Service Forms Provided – Signed for Instructors)

    • Internships – (Possible – Place this interest on the application)

  • Requirements:

    • Resume (PDF.) – a plus (include with application)

    • Biography (PDF.) – a plus (include with application)

    • Volunteers Under 18 years of age – (require written Parental Permission)

    • Preferred: Residents of Orange County or San Diego County, California

  • A Completed Application – PDF. below, (Print – Complete – Scan – E-mail Back)


  • Qualities that make a great Volunteer include:  A Team Player,  Energetic,  Passionate,  Personable, Flexible,  Reliable,  Diligent, Creative, Compassionate, Courteous, Empathy,  and an "Out of the Box" Thinker.




Please do not reply unless you meet the specific requirements and qualities.


One click on the buttons it downloads details to your computers desktop or document file. 

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